Products and Services

1.Trading Hours

Summertime (HK Time)

From Monday 06:15a.m. to Saturday 04:00a.m.

Daily Close : 04:55a.m. to 06:05a.m.

Wintertime (HK Time)

From Monday 07:15a.m. to Saturday 05:00a.m.

Daily Close : 05:55a.m. to 07:05a.m.

* Trading Hours might be adjusted according to holidays of the financial markets.



2. Product Types




Contract Unit

Contract Size(per lot)




For margin requirement, trading spread, maximum trading size, maximum position and interest, please refer to the trading platform.


3.Daily Interest Calculation (in USD)

Opening price X Contract Size X Interest Rate X Lot Size ÷ 365 days


4.Limit Order

The validity period of limit order will be Good For Day (only valid for that trading date), Good-Til-Friday (only valid for that week), and Good-Til-Cancelled.

The price of limit order must be set away from the market price. The price must be away from the market price of at least USD2 and USD0.2 for XAUUSD and XAGUSD respectively. 
When client set a limit order to close the position, if client has liquidated the position before the price reaches the limit, that limit order will also be cancelled.


Please be noted that:

  • The trading spreads may be broaden due to market fluctuations, client should be referred to our real-time quotation on the trading platform.
  • Trading hours might be adjusted according to holidays of the financial markets, client should be referred to the notice board for updates.
  • When there are release of important news or financial data, there will be vigorous fluctuation in price, client should be aware of market risks.
  • Trading rules might be changed in the future without further notice.