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Precious metals trading is a highly risky investment instrument. In order to protect your interests, please ensure that you understand the details and risks of trading clearly, and read the Precious Metals Trading Terms and Conditions and the following tips thoroughly before you open account.


  1. Customer must read and understand the complete content of the Precious Metals Trading Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by aforesaid.
  2. Customer must know how to use the online trading system to conduct his trading, and to check his account information such as account balance and other trading conditions.
  3. Access password or trading password is the personal asset of customer, it must be kept properly and confidentially. In case there is leakage of password, customer shall notify our company as soon as possible.
  4. Company will generally base on usual spreads to offer quotation. When the market is volatile or any other extraordinary factor, quotation spreads can be widen than usual.
  5. Customer shall bear the risk of the failure in conducting electronic trading, and also understand that the transaction should be conducted through telephone under failure of electronic trading.
  6. Employees or agents of our company are not allowed to accept authorization by any customer to operate customer’s trading account. They are also not allowed to sign any agreement or commitment privately with any customer related to trading. Customer shall bear all the economic and legal responsibility and liability arisen from such private agreement or authorization.
  7. Authorization granted to a third party to operate customer’s trading account will be associated with corresponding risk to the customer, no matter via any form of authorization (including privately providing access password to the third party). Customer shall bear all the economic and legal responsibility and liability arisen from such authorization.
  8. In order to reduce unnecessary risks, when the net equity in the account is lower than cut-off or hedge margin, the company can liquidate or hedge the position for the customer without prior notice.
  9. All investment suggestions are for reference only. Customer should decide on his own and bear all the consequences.