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Eastern United Development Limited obtained the A1 Operation Status for trading gold and silver in 2021. Being one of the members of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society in Hong Kong for trading physical and online gold and silver (Membership number: 191), we provide physical gold and spot precious metals trading services. Our company obtained to AA Operation Status in 2022 that we can provide RMB kilo bar trading services. In order to provide more reliable and safe services, our company continues to improve our trading systems, the real-time quotes and various equipment, customers can trade on a stable online trading environment. Our website also provides real-time financial news, customers are kept abreast of timely market information to make their investment decision.



Our management has nearly 20 years of experience in international financial markets and physical gold transactions. With professional ethics and a stable financial situation, our managers also registered as traders in The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society to carry physical gold and silver trading business in Hong Kong.