Precious Metals Margin Trading

1. Know your account executive

In Hong Kong, agents of precious metals trading do not necessarily need to get any license or registration, and the entry threshold is relatively low. They may not have professional qualifications, and some are even lack of financial knowledge. Therefore, when you decide to invest in precious metals, it is recommended to seek advice from some experts with professional knowledge and experience in the industry.


2. Choose a licensed institution

Whether investing in precious metals or other investment products, it is recommended to choose reputable investment companies, securities firms or banks. Whether the institution holds a specific license is a reference index. The more regulations the institution is subject to, the greater the protection for investors.


3. Think carefully for third party authorization

No matter what institution you are investing with, do not easily authorize agents and institutions to operate investments on your behalf. Our company's employees or agents do not allow and do not accept any authorization to operate on behalf of customers, and they are never allowed to sign any agreements and commitments with customers in private.


4. Do not disclose your account password

Investors should not disclose the password of the online/telephone trading account to a third party under any circumstances.


5. Check the statement frequently

Investors should remember to check the transaction statement frequently. If you see any suspicious or unauthorized transaction records, you should contact our company immediately.