About Us

On January 18, 2024, representatives from Eastern United Development Limited attended the Charity Dinner and 4th Inauguration Ceremony of Love Family Charity, as well as sponsored Love Family Charity.


Love Family Charity was established in 2014 and officially registered as a charitable organization in Hong Kong in 2017. They strive to use every penny raised for acts of love and service. The initial intention behind Love Family Charity's establishment was to distribute meal boxes and other daily necessities, caring for the grassroots and giving back to society. Through years of unwavering dedication, they have garnered attention and support from the community and various friends. Their meal distribution services have expanded from the initial Prince Edward area to regions such as Sham Shui Po, Kwun Tong, and Yuen Long. They have also collaborated with multiple secondary schools to distribute meals, aiming to cultivate a compassionate younger generation that respects the elderly and supports the weak.


Today, the range of supplies distributed by Love Family Charity is diverse and abundant. They provide not only meal boxes but also powdered milk, noodles, rice, cooking oil, and even warm clothing, among other items. These supplies and donations are made possible by the continuous support and contributions from caring organizations and individuals. The expansion and continuation of their services rely on a team of 170 dedicated volunteers.


This year, the number of beneficiaries served by the Love Family Charity has exceeded 1,500 people per week, with over 70,000 meal boxes distributed annually. In addition, Love Family Charity has extended their assistance to provide wheelchairs and canes to those in need, as well as established scholarships for students. Through these various charitable initiatives, they aim to uphold the virtue of "respecting the old and cherishing the young" within the Chinese nation, guiding the younger generation towards achieving a vision of inclusivity and creating a caring community.


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